Conference Call Service for Audio, Video & Web Conferencing

We offer the three great services including:

Audio Conferencing

You can conduct your conference calls without making a reservation or using an operator since the administor uses a phone number and pin to acces the system.  This easy to use service is cost effective at $0.029 cents a minute.

To set up a conference call account call 713-260-4575  or fill out the online form below: 

Conferencing Reservation Form

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Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing brings your meetings to life with visual capabilities.  The visiaul component allows remote meetings to be more personal and thus more productive while also reducing travel time and cost related expenses. We offer many of the top performing web conferencing products, webinar products, as well as online training services all at competitive prices.

Video Conferencing

We offer desktop video conference and collaboration tools that are affordable for small and medium sized businesses. Transform your meetings to a new level with the sharing and collaboration of your desktop and files as well as the usage of built-in chat features, polling options, and VOIP audio.