Emergency Communications Systems

At Telcom-Data, we have selling and installing emergency communicatons equipment since 1996. We carry a variety of communication systems including IP Hoot N Holler Squak Box systems, Firebar Conference, Emergency Notification, and Crash Net Systems for air fields and air ports. All of our solutions can be IP, TDM, or a hybrid of both technologies with our solutions acting independent of a PBX or integrated with PBX equipment.

IP Hoot N Holler Communication Systems

XOP Networks Hoot N Holler systems provide two-way, full duplex intercom communications between two or more parties and provide both traditional TDM and IP integration. We support legacy analog ‘Squawk box’ and next generation IP phones and soft phones. A typical application allows front desk or service counter personnel to press a button on a handset or a speaker phone to quickly establish a point-to-multipoint connection. Typical applications include financial brokerage firms, news agencies, publishers, power plants, and refineries. SAVE money using IP Hoot N Holler technology. Learn More

Firebar Conference and Ringdown System

Our Emergency Firebar and Ring Down Telephone Conference System is designed for secure locations where instant communication is important. The XOP Networks Emergency Ring Down System provides telephone ring down capabilities to multiple locations, and the firebar features allows a single phone to go off hook and automatically call other phones in a group in order to connect all callers into a single conference. The Blast Dial feature can call a group of telephone numbers for instant communications. Learn More