Firebar Conference System

Our Emergency Firebar Ringdown Telephone Conference System is designed for secure locations where instant communications is important. The XOP Networks Emergency Ring Down System provides telephone ring down capabilities to multiple locations with a unique firebar features that allows a single phone to go off hook and automatically call other phones in the group in order to connect callers into a single conference. The Blast Dial feature can also call a group of telephone numbers for instant communications.

The Tellabs system provided mission critical Ring Down/Firebar services too many rural fire departments and other emergency industries such as airport security and emergency landing personnel. The Tellabs system is compatible with multivendors, TDM and VoIP environments, and emulates the features and services of the old Firebar service.

The new XOP Networks Enhanced Firebar offers additional benefits and features:

  • Send calls to any landline or cellular phone instead of just dedicated ‘red,’ emergency phones
  • Select communication medium to be used for message delivery (Voice only, Email only, SMS only or any combination etc.)
  • Support an unlimited number of call out groups
  • Send caller-ID information of your choosing (e.g., Fire Chief)
  • Trigger a dial-out based on a) incoming phone call, b) a web portal, c) dry contact closure at a scheduled times
  • Provide summary and detailed reports on call completions (Busy, No Answer)

For a demonstration of the Enhanced Ring Down Phone Firebar system  please call 800-335-0229 ext 834.

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